Champion Club

The Champion Club is the pinnacle of the UFC Strike experience that gives you real-life benefits. All you need is one Champion Moment to join the club.

What is the Champion Club?

Membership in the Champion Club includes exclusive benefits, such as:
Exclusive Lounges at select UFC events
Limited Edition Merchandise
UFC Fight Pass Membership
Quarterly Airdrops
Private Discord Channel
VIP Experiences for select Champion Club Members
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Join with a single Moment

Join the Champion Club simply by owning a UFC Strike Champion Moment, and earn your place among an exclusive group of MMA fans.


Think exclusive hospitality lounges at select fights with food, drinks and guest appearances from legendary fighters. Get rewarded for your fandom with VIP experiences at the biggest fights in the world.

Champion Club Benefits

Beyond being recognized as among the top UFC Strike collectors, benefits for Champion Club Members will take many different forms, including in-real-life fan benefits and platform-specific benefits. Here is a list of some of the benefits you can expect from being in the Champion Club for the remainder of 2022.

Exclusive Lounges

Select UFC events over the year will feature members-only hospitality lounges, with complimentary food and beverage.

Limited Edition Merch

Get access to Champion Club merchandise, free for members with opportunities to weigh in on designs.

UFC FIght Pass

Get access to over 1000 hours of premium UFC content with a year subscription to UFC Fight Pass.

VIP Experiences

The biggest and most engaged Champion Club members will get access to VIP experiences at select UFC events.

UFC Strike Benefits

Quarterly airdrops, and in the future, priority access to select drops to continue building your UFC Strike NFT Collection.

Private Discord Channel

Connect with other Champion Club Members with a private discord channel, home to giveaways and other special surprises.

Ready to join the Champion Club?